Crafty Corner #1: Crochet Collectibles

My daughter’s toy box is already brimming to the top with toys. Some big, others made up of small parts, some wooden, others plastic and shiny. She loves playing the most with stuffed toys; dolls, animals and teddies. She will talk to them, play with them and pretend to feed them meals. However, a recent … Continue reading Crafty Corner #1: Crochet Collectibles


Having my toddler’s ears pierced

I have always been a girly kinda girl…. growing up with doll houses, pink frilly dresses and the occasional dab of lipstick whenever mum would allow it. I remember eagerly wanting to grow up just so that I could pose about all day in high heels, like beautiful mummy. Jewellery was my other love affair and … Continue reading Having my toddler’s ears pierced

My top 5 attractions to visit in Singapore

Whether you like your holidays spent touring the city while learning about the diverse culture, laze about on the beach while working on your tan, surround yourself with nature and wildlife or even exhaust yourself with some much needed retail therapy; Singapore has it all. A little island city situated to the south of Malaysia … Continue reading My top 5 attractions to visit in Singapore


Holiday stay @ Berjaya Langkawi Resort

Living in a cosmopolitan city in the middle of an Arabian desert; full of high rise buildings, neon lights lighting up streets and the odd sand storm is wonderful, however we needed a refreshing change this spring break. So, we checked in our luggage and boarded a flight (yes, with a toddler) heading to a … Continue reading Holiday stay @ Berjaya Langkawi Resort


How to fly with a toddler

Holidays! We all love them! The opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of different cultures, introduce your taste buds to exotic delicacies, grab a bargain at the bustling street markets, interact with creatures in their wilderness and choose souvenirs for friends and families to take back home. Holidays can allow you to escape back … Continue reading How to fly with a toddler


Confessions of a Mum

Dearest Azmu, On most occasions, I get this mother-job right. You know I try to be one cool mum by dressing you up in gorgeous outfits, singing along to your favourite nursery rhymes Ed Sheeren’s ‘Shape of You’ while splashing around during bath time and taking a million (approximate value) photos of you until my … Continue reading Confessions of a Mum


On my toddler’s menu – Super Healthy Weight Gain Foods

You know the story, ‘Hansel and Gretel’ where the father drops off his two children into the woods and they find a house made of candy? How this candy house belongs to an evil half-blind witch who captures them and force feeds Hansel to fatten him up so that she can eat him? Well, I’m … Continue reading On my toddler’s menu – Super Healthy Weight Gain Foods