3 tips on how to talk to the mother of a young child

You’d think it would be easy. Being nice. Being kind. Being supportive. However, it amazes me that there are people out there, who think they know how to do a better job at raising your child and are not afraid to put it across to you. Ofcourse, the usual ‘know-it-all’ mums exist and have existed … Continue reading 3 tips on how to talk to the mother of a young child


Back to School with Centrepoint

With the summer of 2017 coming nearly to an end, and September rolling in soon, it can only mean one wonderful thing for parents: ‘Back to School’. I say ‘parents’, because I’m sure they are very much  looking forward to having things back in ‘routine’ and their kids back to being not-so-bored. However, dear parents, before … Continue reading Back to School with Centrepoint

Review: Ubitoyz, a virtual toy closet

Summer vacations are great, until you realise your two weeks of holiday went by in the blink of an eye and now you are back home with a house full of energy fuelled kids, who seem to have run out of things to destroy play with. To save your sanity, you have a few play … Continue reading Review: Ubitoyz, a virtual toy closet


Having my toddler’s ears pierced

I have always been a girly kinda girl…. growing up with doll houses, pink frilly dresses and the occasional dab of lipstick whenever mum would allow it. I remember eagerly wanting to grow up just so that I could pose about all day in high heels, like beautiful mummy. Jewellery was my other love affair and … Continue reading Having my toddler’s ears pierced


Quote of the Month- March

Apart from the unusual, yet refreshing, weather in Dubai this month, read here to see what has stood out for me during the month of March 2017. ‘She wasn’t looking for a knight, she was looking for a sword.’ Why this? Obviously, I am not going to be the only woman in town to feel … Continue reading Quote of the Month- March


Confessions of a Mum

Dearest Azmu, On most occasions, I get this mother-job right. You know I try to be one cool mum by dressing you up in gorgeous outfits, singing along to your favourite nursery rhymes Ed Sheeren’s ‘Shape of You’ while splashing around during bath time and taking a million (approximate value) photos of you until my … Continue reading Confessions of a Mum


Welcome Folks!

Yes! I have finally taken the plunge! With my dearest daughter asleep next to me, taking her afternoon nap, I have found a couple of hours to myself and decided that it’s now or never. I had been contemplating entering this world of blogging for a long time now (atleast 98723453109 times), even considering if … Continue reading Welcome Folks!