Confessions of a Mum

Dearest Azmu, On most occasions, I get this mother-job right. You know I try to be one cool mum by dressing you up in gorgeous outfits, singing along to your favourite nursery rhymes Ed Sheeren’s ‘Shape of You’ while splashing around during bath time and taking a million (approximate value) photos of you until my … Continue reading Confessions of a Mum


On my toddler’s menu – Super Healthy Weight Gain Foods

You know the story, ‘Hansel and Gretel’ where the father drops off his two children into the woods and they find a house made of candy? How this candy house belongs to an evil half-blind witch who captures them and force feeds Hansel to fatten him up so that she can eat him? Well, I’m … Continue reading On my toddler’s menu – Super Healthy Weight Gain Foods

Welcome Folks!

Yes! I have finally taken the plunge! With my dearest daughter asleep next to me, taking her afternoon nap, I have found a couple of hours to myself and decided that it’s now or never. I had been contemplating entering this world of blogging for a long time now (atleast 98723453109 times), even considering if … Continue reading Welcome Folks!