About Me

Hi! I am Khushboo, a British Expat living in forever-sunny UAE, experiencing parenting and enjoying the availability of infinite amount of halal food here. I have been living here in UAE with my husband, known a hubby-bi here,  for 6 years now, do all the tourist-y things here and we love it! Where else in the world can you get the desert, beach and snow, all in one place. Living in UAE has given me experiences, opportunities and most importantly, friends that I would have not experienced elsewhere in such a short amount of time.

Azmu was gifted to us in the summer of 2015. Along with sleep deprivation and unlimited amount of laundry, we also experienced what unconditional love and what innocence is like. I have not stopped doing the tourist-y things here in UAE, only tagged Azmu along with me. However, yes, upon reaching the malls, I first locate where the Baby Nursing room is and choose to go to restaurants with decent lighting and baby chairs.

With my Indian background, I have already introduced Azmu to that side of the culture and am so glad she is getting to experience various other cultures while living and growing up here in UAE. She enjoys her mashed potato and gravy and absolutely loves the desi Daal-Chawal. Heck, we even got her to try a bit of sushi! She can not only sing some English nursery rhymes, she can surprise you with some Bollywood numbers too!



From the days when I was a science-geek student at University, I have always either been studying or working, so being a Stay-At-Home-Mum is an alien concept to me! There was a time when I went back to work after my maternity leave, with Azmu at nursery, but then decided to give up my work to be a full time mum. I do miss my work wardrobe, the high heels, the fast paced morning routine and quick lunch breaks. Right now it’s all PJs till noon, morning walks with Azmu, preparing pureed food for her and the longest ever lunches. However, these precious moments with her are not to return back and I am loving every minute I get to spend together.

As I continue writing more on the blog, you are surely going to find out a lot more about me and my family… and the immaturity we get up to …

Thanks for reading!

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