Quote of the month- July

I don’t look forward to summer at all, especially now that I reside in Dubai. July, boy, have you been scorching hot! Thankfully, we made it through, and had such an amazing month thanks to my brother who came over to visit. Home is where the heart is, no matter what the weather may be (hee..hee) and hence, this month I’m dedicating my post to ‘family’.

july 2017

‘Family isn’t just an important thing, it’s everything.’

Why this?

I would like to know what is your definition of a family? It’s not just a set of adults and children, bound by the same genetic makeup, living together in a household.

Family is parents showering their children with time and unconditional love. It is about parents wanting to help their children and guiding them to become successful in life.

Family is children respecting their parents and grandparents out of love. It is about children wanting to look after their well being and being there to support them when needed.

Family is siblings looking after each other and sticking together in wellness and troubled times, sometimes by being brutally honest.

Family is also spouses loving each other’s companionship, trusting blindly, sharing commitments and setting an example for their children.

Alhamdullilah, I have been blessed to be born into a family, and also married into one, where such virtues are highly regarded. Yes, as an expat, we don’t always have the comfort of having our family around us. I myself have made many friends here in Dubai, all of which I am grateful for, however they don’t always last long and people move on their own separate ways. Yet, my family is always someone I can count on and rely to be there for me, even if I am miles apart.

This summer holiday most of you may have travelled back to your home country to spend time with family. Isn’t it just the best feeling ever?

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