Quote of the month- April

I can’t believe how quickly April came and went. Did you feel that too? The quote I have chosen for this month is:

quote of the month April

‘Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.’

–          Dr Suess

Why this?

So, I was half way across planet Earth at the beginning of April, doing all things tourist-y in Malaysia and Singapore. You can read about our holiday adventures to Langkawi here and to Singapore here. Yes, we came back with so many (no, seriously, it’s so many) photos and videos capturing our daily activities. We even came back with quite a few souvenirs, each with a story to tell. Yet, these photos could not have captured everything; the excitement, the tranquility and the positive energy that we were feeling; and these souvenirs cannot take us back to those mind and soul captivating destinations.

Hubby-bi and I tried our best to take in our surroundings while we were on our holiday, whether it was watching Azmu interact with the monkeys, or try some local delicacies, because it is now when we really wish we could turn back time and go back to those moments. Now what we have are only memories and photographs.

Also, this month I believe I have finally weaned little Azmu off nursing. This is a very, very big deal to me, as most mothers can relate to it. Now that she is finally weaned off, she no longer is dependent on me to provide her nourishment and comfort. I am very happy to see my little girl growing up but ofcourse there is a sense of loss somewhere in my heart, where I feel I have lost that special bond we shared. Those few little moments where she was all mine and she would need no one else but me. The proximity we had, where I would have her really close to me and watch her eyes twinkle and then finally close as she falls into deep sleep. For me now that moment is a mere memory.

So, make the most of today and make the most of now, because every second, every breath and every moment is truly precious.

What are you most memorable moments?


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