Holiday stay @ Berjaya Langkawi Resort

Living in a cosmopolitan city in the middle of an Arabian desert; full of high rise buildings, neon lights lighting up streets and the odd sand storm is wonderful, however we needed a refreshing change this spring break. So, we checked in our luggage and boarded a flight (yes, with a toddler) heading to a destination that was the complete opposite: rainforest full of tall trees, monkey sightings and the odd tropical storms. We were headed to Langkawi.

Langkawi is a cluster of islands situated in the northwest region of Malaysia, and a famous spot for tourists to witness spectacular sunsets and the untouched wilderness of the rainforests. There are so many resort and budget accommodation options available, however we had our eyes set on a resort with an experience to remember; the Berjaya Langkawi Resort.

Holiday stay at Berjaya Langkawi

Berjaya in Malay means ‘Successful’

Having viewed photos of this resort numerous times on their website and various social media platforms, I was able to recognise it from air while we were still on our Air Asia flight. The airport’s landing strip was on one bend of the island, and the resort was exactly opposite on another bend while the pristine blue ocean lay in the middle. For us, the 20 minute car journey from the airport to Berjaya Langkawi Resort was like an adventure already. We got to see palm trees, rubber trees and also some monkeys casually scratching each other’s backs, and we had just been on this island for less than an hour.

“Set amidst lush tropical rainforest, yet just steps away from azure waters and a gorgeous beachfront, Berjaya Langkawi Resort is an invitation to a magical sojourn all wrapped up in nature’s gifts.” (


Friendly hotel staff greeted us at the main hotel lobby and quickly took care of the checking in procedure. The large lobby had a water fountain in the centre, the inside of the dome was decorated with batik print fabric and a massive chandelier hung from the centre. We were given the keys to our very own sea facing chalet and most importantly, the Wifi password! Yes, even though surrounded by a tropical rainforest we could choose to stay connected while escaping at the same time.

Room 2161

From the main hotel lobby, we took a ride on the hotel shuttle to our Rainforest Chalet. The minute we reached our chalet, # 2161 and the driver switched off the engine to help with the luggage, I remember looking at hubby-bi and mouthing the words ‘wow’ because all I heard was Silence. The leaves were not rustling, the birds were not chirping and even Azmu was quietly taking it all in, I think. We wanted seclusion and we sure got it!


The wooden structure of the chalet, standing on stilts, blended in with the woodland. Upon entering the room, our eyes were fixated on the floor to ceiling windows straight ahead of us and the view overlooking the Andaman Sea. We enjoyed a few moments on the balcony, taking in the natural surroundings and already trying to spot a few monkeys on the trees. Yes, there was a sign about keeping the balcony doors closed in case the monkeys got it.


The room was spacious, well furnished and decorated with warm earthy tones. There was space for a large king sized bed and even Azmu’s baby cot. The room was well equipped with all the basic amenities including air-condition, ceiling fan, iron, hair dryer and cable TV. The bathroom didn’t disappoint us either with fresh white towels and a rain shower. This definitely was a living space offering luxury, privacy and stunning views.

Out and About the Resort

While our stay at Langkawi was filled with various activities, such as visiting the Tropical Fruit farm and the City centre for some duty-free shopping, there were so many things we got to do while staying at the resort itself. Azmu had a great time at the kids pool while hubby-bi and I lazed around in the Jacuzzi. There was a small kids play area with slides and see-saw. The private white sandy beach was a stone throw away, lined with comfortable sunbeds and offering picturesque views. For the adrenaline junkies there were various water sports such as water jet ski and banana boat rides. There were natural mangroves nearby which we could explore on our own or go with a tour. There was also the option to take a walk and stroll along the resort, like we did (to spot more monkeys) and Azmu absolutely loved. We also made good use of the hotel shuttle service providing complimentary drop off to the nearby Oriental Village where we spent the afternoon taking crazy pictures at the 3D Art Studio.



It wasn’t just Azmu, but we grown ups enjoying our encounter with nature too. Just the first night, hubby-bi spotted a huge (I’m not exaggerating) spider in the bathroom. We spotted monkeys jumping off trees and brightly coloured birds a few times. While in the Jacuzzi pool we spotted a small lizard scuttling away and when walking back from the beach we spotted a bigger lizard. Azmu had never seen such a creature before so when she pointed to it and called it a ‘baby dinosaur’, we sure had a good chuckle.


Even the variety of trees, shrubs and colourful flowers blossoming away reminded us of just how close we are to living in a rainforest. Things got more real at night when the shuttle bus would drop us a few meters from our chalet and we would stand there in the dimly lit pathway hearing the sounds of different animals (unidentifiable), leaves rustling and the unexpected tropical thunder.

Best memories

Some of the best memories for us as a family would have to be:

  1. The view of the beautiful sunrise from our chalet.

Standing on our private wooden deck balcony, hearing the early morning birds while watching the sky slowly turn from dark purple to an orangey-pink and then blue was breath-taking. #SubhanAllah.


  1. Breakfasts at Dayang Café.

The spread of food with international and traditional Malay cuisine, all Halal (yaaay), was always a good start to our day. Azmu’s favourite was the rice porridge while I was enjoying the dimsums. The venue has beautiful interiors with a high ceiling, batik paintings and was overlooking the beach. Due of its open plan, birds would fly in occassionally, which was always a good distraction.


  1. Seafood buffet at Dayang Café.

For our last night, hubby-bi decided to treat us to the Sea food buffet…Because you can’t come to Langkawi and not have seafood, right? Once again, the spread was grand and live stations were busy. There were also some musicians coming to everyone’s tables and singing traditional Malay songs, which Azmu loved to sway to.

  1. The service.

Running such a big resort that is spread over such a large area of land, that too a rainforest, is not an easy task. However, the staff at Berjaya Langkawi Resort, are doing a wonderful job. The shuttle service was great and always arrived for pick up within a few minutes of calling from the comfort of our rooms, no matter what time of the day. The room service ensured the room was well presented whenever we were back from our breakfast, along with fresh towels and new drinking water bottles.

Overall, we had a wonderful family holiday at Berjaya Langkawi and are taking back lots of memories to cherish. If you are looking for an experience to get close to nature, in the midst of comfort, make sure you book your stay with them.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for writing this review. All thoughts and opinions are of my own. All pictures used here are of my own.





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