Quote of the month- February

With February 2017 coming to end, allow me to share a quote with you, that helped me in my journey through this month.


‘Grow through what you go through’

Why this?

This is the very first month of my life as a parenting blogger and boy-oh-boy have I learnt so much. Right from crafting my webpage design, writing interesting content, learning about the importance of hashtags to growing my social circle on various social platforms and much-much more, I have enjoyed learning it all. And yet, it doesn’t end here. I still have to get my head round Pinterest, figure out an Instagram theme and stick with it and learn to take great pictures and good light. There’s only one way that’s going to happen- if I go through it. Hopefully, coming out on the other side a bit grown.

P.S. Seeing that Rose-Gold is everywhere right now,  I’m liking this Rose-Gold theme for my quotes. What do you think?


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