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I swear, no toddler was harmed in the making of this blog post…and thank fully the same can be said about the mother. Yes, there were occasional moments of apprehension, frenzy and raised tension, yet we both survived!!! Was Azmu going to allow me to put one more butterfly hair clip? Was Azmu going to last 2 more seconds with that Minnie mouse hair band on, while I quickly take a few more pictures? Was Azmu ever going to for-goodness-sake stay still?

I have been stashing up on hair accessories for Azmu ever since the ultrasound scan confirmed that a baby girl is on the way. Baby hair clips and head bands are so small, that they shouldn’t take up so much space, right? Wrong! Thanks to her grand ma, her aunt and my lack of self-control, she has enough accessories to open her very own hair clip boutique, Alhamdullilah.

Without a doubt, the internet is full of fancy toddler hairstyles for busy mums. I myself have spent countless hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration on how to style Azmu in the trendiest of hairstyle. Blessed with short, straight, fine baby hair, creating a masterpiece hairstyle is a tad bit difficult. Nevertheless, I continue to make attempts, simply because it’s so much fun!

So, with that entire collection of hair clips and hair bands in front of Azmu to keep her occupied, and with my fingers working at the speed to light, knowing that I was working against the clock, I bring to you a post on 5 easy and trendy hair styles, perfect for little divas.

1.       Hair band: They work on even the shortest of hair and are a classic that never go out of fashion. They come in a variety of colours, themes and embellishments. Here, with a side parting, Azmu is wearing a bright red hair band with a big bow. In the other picture, she is wearing a hair band with Minnie mouse ears.

2.       One big fun hair clip: Just clip it to one side of the hair, easy! A big bow, as seen on Azmu here, completes the look with the simplest of dresses. You can also sweep the hair up to create a high pony tail and put a big funky hair clip on.

3.       Mini clips: Sweep the hair on one side and put mini hair clips, of similar size and shape, in a row. You can choose to go with one colour, or go multi-colour like I have done here.

4.       Front twist: For a slightly sophisticated hair style, make several partings at the top of the head, create flat twists and clip it backwards in position. Leave the remaining hair loose. This one takes some time, so should only be done with various distractions in front of toddler.

5.       Double pony tail: Make a middle parting, and on each side gather up the hair and tie it with a colourful elastic band. Just make sure the hair tie is not too tight, as you don’t want their precious hair to break.

With Azmu’s round face, her short haircut suits her well, so French braiding and buns are going to have to wait for now. Until then, I shall continue to scour for inspiration and perfect the art of middle parting on Azmu. If you would like to share any of your tips on styling your diva’s hair, leave a comment below.


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