Welcome Folks!

Yes! I have finally taken the plunge!

With my dearest daughter asleep next to me, taking her afternoon nap, I have found a couple of hours to myself and decided that it’s now or never. I had been contemplating entering this world of blogging for a long time now (atleast 98723453109 times), even considering if it’s right for me.


You see, in my group of friends and even with my co-workers, I am usually more of the listener type, not the talker.  I am a social butterfly, shy at times, but with a great interest in listening to the opinions and perspectives of the lives around me. I love meeting new people, but am still loyal to my nearest and dearest ones. Darling Hubby-bi often teases me how I am the one that my friends come to, to confide their love problems (he called me a Love Guru once), family dramas or work-related spectacles. So, what made me start Mumzy World; this drive to talk-out-loud to the world-wide web, you ask?

Well, my daughter, Azmu, as I like to call her. At this point I am looking at her and want to eat her cute little nose and kiss her sweet-smelling toes, but then that would cut her nap short and we don’t want that, do we? She is a year old and a drama queen, worthy of winning an Oscar. Mashallah. She has become a subject all on its own to talk, scream and shout about. I can’t wait to tell you guys all about her, how she makes me feel like the luckiest mum on this world and how at the same time she drains out energy from each and every cell within my body.

Being the first daughter and grand-daughter of the family, Azmu is spoilt with love…and a wardrobe full of shoes and dresses. There was a time after her birth when she had more outfits than me! The other day she had a tantrum because she wanted to try each and every pair of shoes in the shoe drawer! She already has started putting pretend- makeup on her dolls, and I know it won’t be long before she raids my makeup stash of Kylie lip glosses and Urban Decay eye shadow palettes. See, I already have so much to tell you guys!

Motherhood is a rollercoaster of various highs and lows, on days where you want to spend each second with your little being and on other days where you are seeking another human- being to have a normal adult conversation with. Days where you want attention and appreciation for keeping the little being alive and other days where you want to be non-existent. Days where you have that tingling gut feeling called a ‘Mother’s Instinct’ and other days where you are frantically searching on Google and Youtube for ‘How to..’ and ‘What is…’ articles and videos. Heck, I never thought it would be normal to be smelling another beings bum or discussing about Azmu’s poo with my husband or my mum, until her birth!

We mums know how it can get isolated. Mumzy  Notebook is going to be my platform to meet other mummies, some who have mastered juggling motherhood duties along with other roles; and those who like me are learning each and every day. I can’t wait to share my non-expert views on what I have learnt, either through trial and error, on this tiny being or through panicked last minute Whatsapp messages to my mum who lives miles away. And being the listener that I already am, I would love to hear about your journeys too!

So, with no further delay, let’s get this show on the road!


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